My name is Robert Martin. I’m a graphic designer from Southern California who enjoys creating visual experiences whether it be through pixels, print or fine art. I take pride in the diverse and entrepreneurial work I produce.
Without the support of my wife, family and friends, I wouldn’t be where I am at today. Very few people have the opportunity to do what they love for a living, and I’d like to acknowledge the key people who showed me the world of art at an early age. My grandma Gwen was the first and most important influence on me. As a kid I spent my summer breaks at my grandparents’ house and that’s when my grandma introduced her passion of art to me. She shared her art books and we would watch Bob Ross paint his classic oil paintings together on TV.​​​​​​​
Bob Ross made it look so easy, and after watching a handful of his shows, my grandma had me painting ducks, birds and landscapes on canvas. For a seven-year-old, they were pretty good, but my grandma made me feel like I was Picasso reborn. She has inspired me beyond words, and I can’t thank her enough.
"Fragments and Constructs" by Leon Caraco mixed media on canvas
"Fragments and Constructs" by Leon Caraco mixed media on canvas
Mr. Leon Caraco (left) and myself at my first art show 1996
Mr. Leon Caraco (left) and myself at my first art show 1996
Another big influence on me came later with my high school art teacher Leon Caraco (Lakewood High School, CA 1992–1996). I took his art class all four years of high school. By my sophomore year, I was his teacher’s assistant and he promoted me to an independent studies student. Mr. Caraco saw something in me and he put the pressure on me to go beyond what all the other students were doing and work harder. By my senior year, my art was published in a few magazines, and he had my work featured in many local art shows.
After high school, I focused my sights on taking my love for art and making a career out of it. When I first started out in this industry I didn’t know where it would take me. But since then, I have met so many great people, accomplished things beyond what I dreamed of, created a career for myself that I am proud of today and credit all that to the inspirations and support of those around me.​​​​​​​

Hot Bike Magazine 2019. Photo by Jeff Allen

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